Virtuoso Open Source 7.2.11 Release Notes

Virtuoso Open Source 7.2.11 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of a new Virtuoso Open Source Maintenance Release comprising a wide variety of bug fixes and feature enhancements across the following functionality realms:


Highlights of this update include: increased stability; fixes for JSON and JSON-LD parsing; a simplified web services UI; small enhancements to the HTTP server; fixes in the SPARQL query processor and UI.

Virtuoso DBMS Engine

  • Added log info on manual enable/disable scheduler and checkpoint intervals
  • Added sprintf format %[xx]s for registry settings
  • Added CPU% and RSS usage to status() output
  • Added BIF jsonld_ctx_to_dict
  • Added input state in explain output where missing
  • Fixed issue with SPARQL UUID() function
  • Fixed missing grant from SPARQL_UPDATE role
  • Fixed issue with DROP TABLE/VIEW not checking target
  • Fixed issue when copying constants in union
  • Fixed several issues in json parser
  • Fixed issue with get_keyword with soap options vector
  • Fixed issue with chash on many threads
  • Fixed issue with lang matches
  • Fixed do not replace trx log prefix with CHECKPOINT command
  • Fixed issue loading graphql plugin with musl c library
  • Fixed small typos in documentation and error messages

SPARQL Query Processor

  • Fixed SPARQL property path query returning incorrect results
  • Fixed issue with conflict on join predicate of pview leading to AREF error
  • Fixed issue with heterogeneous data column leading to range assert
  • Fixed issue reusing boxes
  • Fixed RDF quad sanity check for ‘O’ column
  • Fixed entities in /sparql UI for maximum X(HT)ML compatibility

Database Administration Service (“Conductor”)

  • Added simple webservices UI
  • Fixed DAV browser to allow editing for json files
  • Fixed import of all keys in a PEM certificate bundle

Web Server and DAV

  • Added option http_options_no_exec for http virtual path
  • Added support for Content-Security-Policy header
  • Added optional base url to http_xslt function as 3rd parameter
  • Fixed issues mixing valid and invalid MIME types in Accept header
  • Fixed issue writing log on delete/put/patch etc
  • Fixed missing entry for JSON-LD in RDF DET
  • Fixed issue with missing href in PROPPATCH response
  • Fixed issue with base64 decode and trailing zeroes
  • Fixed issue with dead http session


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