Virtuoso LDP and remote Resources

Kingsley wrote (in an email): “A Virtuoso Container doesn’t treat physical or virtual (i.e., remote) URIs any differently, it simply works with the abstraction offered by HTTP. The only thing is that you might not immediately see size information for remote documents or folders .”

This is good news! The next question is… How do I get a remote Resource into an LDP container? I can edit the container metadata directly (and I often do that! Even though it is not a good idea LOL!), so is that the correct solution? To add the ldp:contains predicate myself? The “correct” way is to POST to the container, but in this case, there’s really nothing to POST!

Am I thinking about this the wrong way?

Thanks Kingsley! You’re always so generous and helpful!


By the way, and related to this:. Today I POSTed a .zip file to my container. In the WebDAV browser it is there, and I can download it from it’s URL, but it doesn’t appear in the ldp:contains manifest of the container…?? Is this correct behavior?