Virtuoso JDBC Usage: Apache Zeppelin Notebook

JDBC Driver Details


  1. Determine docker container virtual folder to which physical folder “/Library/Java/Extensions/virtjdbc4.jar” (or some alternative) is to be mapped e.g., “/virtjdbc4.jar”

  2. Start Zeppelin Docker Image using -v /Library/Java/Extensions/virtjdbc4.jar:/virtjdbc4.jar

docker run -p 8080:8080 -v /Library/Java/Extensions/virtjdbc4.jar:/virtjdbc4.jar --rm --name zeppelin apache/zeppelin:0.8.1 

  1. Configure custom Virtuoso Interpreter for group “jdbc” via “http://localhost:8080/#/interpreter” UI

Once configured, you can inject SQL into notebook paragraphs that return contents in tables, graphs etc…

As per usual, the final challenge is figuring out how to make HTTP URIs live hyperlinks within these notebooks.