Virtuoso in GCP

Hi Team,
I am wondered is their any way to deploy the VirtuosoDB in Google Cloud apart from compute engine instance.
And is their workaround to bulk load the data into DB using Python instead of using isql command?


Currently in GCP compute engine instantiation of a supported VM and a Virtuoso standalone installation on it is the only deployment method available. We are currently working on GCP BYOL and PAGO Virtuoso Marketplace offers, as we already offer for AWS and Azure, which should be available soon.

By Bulk load do you specifically mean with the Virtuoso RDF Bulk Loader ? As with something like PyODBC you can make an ODBC connection to Virtuoso from python and then run the same commands as in sql to setup and run bulk load operations …

Thank you for response,
Another query is that, how can we bulk load the data from the GCS bucket to the Virtuoso setup inside VM?
Does ld_dir_all() support such kind of urls?

The RDF Bulk Loader functions will read from the local file system only, thus unless GCS buckets can be mounted on the local file system they would have to be copied locally first …

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