Virtuoso HTTPS Conf

Hi All,

I’m working to install Virtuoso 8.3 on Ubuntu 18.04 and am looking for directions on setting-up a signed Cert (ideally LetsEncrypt, but if not, then ideally signed alternative?).
I’ve found the following help docs: alongside the notes in the documentation vad (docs: /doc/html/ch-server.html )

I’ve set-up letsEncrypt but can’t figure out how to get the end-point working over HTTPS.

What or where is the ‘step by step’ guide to installing virtuoso & conductor to be available via signed HTTPS?

This Virtuoso HTTPS Endpoint documentation page provides details on setting up HTTPS access using a Virtuoso self signed certificate or a third party (LetsEncrypt or other) certificate using the Virtuoso Conductor or by manually editing the Virtuoso configuration file.

how is the time and effort it took to provide that answer expected to help me figure it out?

Is this a business model issue?

I don’t understand your response, have you actually read the documentation link ?

Specifically the document on setting up the Virtuoso HTTPS Listener using File System manually by editing the Virtuoso Configuration file (virtuoso.ini) should suffice. If not then please provide details of where you are having problem following those steps …