Virtuoso has any RDF Reification support?

Hello everyone,
Does Virtuoso have any support for RDF-Reification? Or just treat RDF-Reification as normal triples?

RDF-Reification is something like:

BobDylan   isMarriedTo     SaraLownds .
stmt#1     rdf:type        Statement .
stmt#1     rdf:subject     BobDylan .
stmt#1     rdf:predicate   isMarriedTo .
stmt#1     rdf:object      SaraLownds .
stmt#1     hasSource       wk:BobDylan .
stmt#1     extractedOn     2009-06-07 .

and does Virtuoso support labeled property graph or linking to other graph store (e.g., Neo4j)?

Thank you very much!

Virtuoso supports reification as you’ve exemplified, which is just a bunch of additional triples.

Virtuoso also supports named graphs, which may be as small as one triple (or one quad, when you include the graph column).

Virtuoso does not support labeled property graphs, as such.

Virtuoso does support connections to and queries against other data stores, when those other stores support ODBC (and JDBC, via ODBC-to-JDBC Bridge) and SQL.

Virtuoso also supports Federated SPARQL (a/k/a SPARQL-FED), such that subqueries may be executed on remote SPARQL endpoints, and their results incorporated into queries being executed on Virtuoso.

Some idea of what you want to achieve, and what you’re starting with, will help us provide answers that are more specifically relevant to you.


RDF-Reification is being used for describing triples and historical data, i.e. A had a name John before 2019-12-31, and A has a name Bob from 2020-01-01.
And SPARQL could query: what is A’s name now? and what was A’s name before 2020-01-01?
Is there any virtuoso native method?

Thank you very much.