Virtuoso AWS AMI

Dear all,

I have a couple of questions about the Virtuoso AWS AMI.

  1. OS and Virtuoso updates

The AMI documentation [1] doesn’t provide info on how to update OS and Virtuoso. I’ve found additional documentation [2] where it is stated:

Users of AMIs with Virtuoso Release 7 or later should simply update the Virtuoso EC2 AMI installation to the latest OS and Virtuoso versions with the following command. DO NOT use this sequence with any earlier Virtuoso Release!

yum update

Does this apply to the current AMI?

  1. License expiration errors
    I’ve been testing the AMI for a while. Don’t remember exactly what I did but at a certain point I got a license expiration error. In [2] it is stated:

Note : Should license expiration errors be encountered, which may occur due to changes in AMI components, please make a ssh connection to the Linux virtual machine and perform the following steps to obtain an updated license:

ssh -i MyKeyPair.pem root@your-ec2-instance-cname
. ./
yum update virtuoso-ami-init

Does this apply to the current AMI?



That document refers to the original AWS EC2 AMIs we provided before the AWS Marketplace was available, which required licenses be updated annually along with the Virtuoso binary. This is no longer the case with the PAYGO Marketplace AMIs which have non-expiring licenses bound to your specific AMI instance …

And what about point 1.?

The Virtuoso PAYGO & BYOL AWS Market Place AMIs are standalone instances currently and cannot be updated via yum update etc as before. We are planning to make them updatable via yum update but this is not available yet …

Ok, many thanks for the support!