Virtuoso AWS AMI (PAGO) and GeoSPARQL support

As discussed via the mailing-list [1], the Virtuoso AWS AMI (PAGO) is supposed to be “geoSPARQL-enabled”, but I’m not sure this is the case since if I try to use the GeoSPARQL function sfContains (instead of the built-in bif:st_contains) I get:

“Virtuoso 37000 Error SP031: SPARQL compiler: Unknown function

could you please help debug this?



So AWS AMI 8.2 has no GeoSPARQL support enabled.
I’m now on 8.3 and GeoSPARQL seems to be enabled.
Nevertheless when I run Query 1 from Virtuoso GeoSPARQL Demo Server I get zero objects: two are expected.
Can you please debug this?

For the sake of completeness I’d like to add that GeoSPARQL seems to work with “my own geodata” uploaded into Virtuoso.

Specifically which Query 1 from Virtuoso GeoSPARQL Demo Server does not work, as there are multiple queries with that name for the different datasets?

Please confirm the version of Virtuoso running from your AMI by issuing the command:
/opt/virtuoso/bin/virtuoso -?

The latest PAGO release contains a binary that should include this functionality.

This one e.g.:

We are on version 08.03.3312

Do all of the sample GeoSPARQL queries on the Virtuoso GeoSPARQL Demo Server fail or is it just the query ? As I find it strange you indicate that your GeoSPARQL queries against your datasets work, but note those from the Virtuoso GeoSPARQL Demo Server that we use to test this functionality ? Are you loading the datasets into the same graph name or another graph name and changing the graph name in the query. Is you AWS AMI publicly accessible so we can see the actual problem queries ?

@hwilliams umhhh I guess I misunderstood something.
The “From” clause in that example is:

I thought one could interact with remote RDF file, but this is instead the name of the graph, right?
In case sorry for the noise!

If you enable the Virtuoso Sponger Middleware you could sponge (RDF’ize) the RDF dataset directly into your local Virtuoso instance at query runtime, with the DEFINE get:soft "soft" or other Virtuoso SPARQL pragma …