Virtuoso Authentication Layer (VAL)


can you please confirm that the Virtuoso Authentication Layer (VAL) is only provided by the Commercial version also there is the possibility to use a third-party OAuth service, is possibile to customize the Login VAL authentication dialog to show only the third-party Oauth service ? Also can you please confirm that Openlink Virtuoso Commercial dosen’t implement SSO ( single sign-on) .

VAL is only available in the Virtuoso commercial edition and not open source. VAL is Virtuoso’s equivalent of SSO, as it allows authentication against third party IdPs. Not sure what customisation you are seeking, is it to not display a login dialog for a direct Virtuoso user login and just display the the third party OAuth services ?

I will explain better my self. I want to click the Login button and go directly to the: “OAuth services and Login” without clicking “More” and select then the OAuth of the third party, is possible ?

Documentation on possible VAL Customisations are detailed in the link. I suspect changes to the authenticate.vsp page will be needed for what you are seeking to achieve to customise what is displayed on the VAL login page.

Many thanks. for the information.