Virtuoso API - Load via API a CSV

there is a possibilty to automatically (using API) get a CSV from an external source and import that into Virtuoso also creating automatically the “Linked Data Views” .
I don’t know if there is a plugin in the Enterprise Edition.

Many thanks.

Hi @EdgarCap,

Yes, you can import CSV from an external source that supports HTTP via the Sponger Cartridge for CSV.


  1. Install the Virtuoso Sponger module, if you haven’t done so, using the cartridges_dav.vad package
  2. Enable the CSV related cartridges
  3. Identify a CSV document of interest via its URL
  4. Import the data into Virtuoso using SPARQL or the Sponger’s /about or /describe services

Here’s a live SPARQL Query Results Page URL demonstrating the SPARQL Query approach.

Here’s the live SPARQL Query Editor Page, revealing the Query and Sponger invocation pragmas.

I hope that helps?




Hi @kidehen,
thanks for your reply.
I can’t access to the link SPARQL Query Results Page URL
and live SPARQL Query Editor Page

I am reading the documentations.


Is it that you can’t actually access the page from your browser? Or that you can’t authenticate successfully when prompted for username and password credentials. If it’s the latter, then use “vdb” for both credentials.


Hi @kidehen,
I can’t autenticate “Unknown username”


Did you type in the following re username and password?

Usernane: vdb
Password: vdb

Yes, many thanks, worked fine :slight_smile: