Virtuoso 08.03.3329 Release Notes

Virtuoso 08.03.3329 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new Virtuoso Maintenance Release comprising a wide variety of feature enhancements and bug fixes across the following functionality realms:

This release includes higher performance and scalability especially for write and delete operations; smarter security and stability improvements; better integration and publication of OpenAPI-compliant web services; a generally enhanced platform for exploiting the fundamental potential of secure and high-performance data connectivity across on-premise and cloud deployment configurations.

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Virtuoso DBMS Engine Core

  • Added support for ActivityPub Protocol and ActivityStreams Data Formats
  • Added OpenAPI Web Service description importer for internal function/procedure generation
  • Added OpenAPI service descriptions generation for publishing internal functions/procedures as Web Services
  • Added support for importing X509 certificate with Eliptical Curve keys
  • Added support for DROP TYPE {Type-Name} IF EXISTS regarding custom types
  • Added HTTP_SIGN_REQUEST and HTTP_SIGNATURE_VERIFY functions, with regards to HTTP Signatures support
  • Added new built-in functions: jsonld_ctx_to_dict, yaml_to_json_tree
  • Added checkpoint after backup to persist the backup context in cfg page
  • Added JSON2YAML() converter
  • Fixed ignore void equality from trans
  • Fixed missing case for heterogeneous data column leading to range assert GPF
  • Fixed free text indexing inside sponger or user pages; must be via scheduler
  • Fixed issue with memcache when using multiple threads in chash
  • Fixed small memory leaks

HTTP (Web) Server

  • Added ActivityPub DET
  • Added ActivityStream DET
  • Added support for Content-Security-Policy header
  • Added SSE event hook in http client
  • Added http_options_no_exec http virtual path option
  • Added support for cookies in redirects
  • Added server side support for OAS 3.1 services.json
  • Fixed RDF data DET
  • Fixed issue with overlapping DET status codes
  • Fixed check for DET http status code
  • Fixed issue with HTTPS accept timeout
  • Fixed issue parsing Transparent Content Negotiation (TCN) directives

SPARQL Query Processor

  • Added SPARQL output formatter for application/activity+json
  • Fixed issue with conflicting join predicate of pview causing AREF position error
  • Fixed some SPARQL property path queries returning incorrect results
  • Fixed issue using POST for lengthy query text
  • Fixed issues with XSLT-based customization of SPARQL endpoint UI form
  • Fixed missing GRANT from SPARQL_UPDATE role
  • Fixed SPARQL UUID function

Data Transformation Middleware Layer (“Sponger”)

Note: XC = Extractor Cartridge; MC = Meta Cartridge.

  • Added initial support for Structured Data import
  • RelMeAuth scoped single cartridge sponging that also includes inference that enables the use of a variety of attribute values for discovering Identity Providers (IdPs)
  • ActivityPub XC: New cartridge for generating Linked Data from Fediverse/Mastodon resources (user accounts, status posts, etc.)
  • HTML+Variants XC: Fix for single cartridge sponging
  • HTML+Variants XC: Fix for OpenGraph Protocol namespace issues
  • Feeds XC: Fix for better geoRSS support
  • Turtle XC: Fix to only attempt to ingest where media type is also Turtle

Faceted Search and Browsing

no changes

Virtuoso Authentication Layer (VAL)

  • Added support for RelMeAuth protocol
  • Added support for IndieAuth protocol

HTML-based Admin Interface (“Conductor”)

  • Added support for ActivityPub
  • Added simple webservices UI
  • Fixed issue editing JSON files

Installer Availability

On-premise Installers and Docker Containers

Cloud Edition Releases for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

Upgrade Notes

For all upgrades

  • Always make sure the database has been properly shut down and the transaction log (virtuoso.trx) is empty before performing any of the following updates/upgrades. This is easily done by launching Virtuoso with the extra command-line argument, “+checkpoint-only”. Virtuoso will launch, replay the transaction log, run a checkpoint (which zeroes the transaction log), and exit cleanly.

  • Before upgrading any database, it is always a wise precaution to make a proper backup.

Upgrading an existing Cloud Instance Virtual Machine

Execute the relevant command for your operating system distribution:

  • Ubuntu — apt update && apt upgrade
  • RedHat — yum update

Manually overwriting an older binary with the latest edition

If adopting this approach to your upgrade, i.e., manually copying the Virtuoso server binary (virtuoso-iodbc-t) to replace an existing binary, you MUST also update the libraries in the Virtuoso hosting/ subdirectory, due to incompatibilities between the latest binary and previous plugin versions. Further, we RECOMMEND that you update the VAD archives in the vad/ subdirectory, and apply these updates to any VADs you have previously installed to your database(s).

Upgrading from any previous version to the latest version

For best results with existing installations, we recommend following our simple step-by-step guide to upgrade from any previous version of Virtuoso to the latest version.

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