Validation of RDF graphs consistency


Is there a way to validate the consistency of RDF graphs in Virtuoso after an insert, remove, or load?


Hi @beli,

What constitutes consistency in this scenario?

Would it be that all the original triples are intact?

If so, a SELECT COUNT(*) FROM <{Named-Graph-IRI}> WHERE {?s ?p ?o} query before and after read-write operation will establish consistency.

Hi @kidehen,

Thank you for your answer. I mean that no contradictions in the TBox and ABox. For an initial graph loaded in Virtuoso, we add some axioms through SPARQL insert (as example), then we need to check that the graph is still consistent (directly using some commands).

Okay, so you have triples across named graphs associated with your TBox and ABox.

If your physical counts of triples reconcile, using count(*), you can test semantic integrity by re-running queries that you’ve built using existing inference rules to see if the solutions remain intact.