Using JDBC Connector in Talend DI

I am developing a project that after obtaining data from external sources I must perform ETL for the virtuoso. I am using talend for this process through the JDBC connector. However I have a “JVM” error. After some research I realized that the version of java can make a difference between working or not. The driver I use is jdbc4 as you can see in the image below. Which version of the driver and java used in talend and jdbc.
If they did this process using other tools, which ones did they use?
Thank you!

What is the version of Java used by Talend DI ?

The virtjdbc4.jar you are using was build against JDK 1.6 (Java 6), whereas we have a newer JDBC driver virtjdbc4_2.jar built against JDK 1.8 (Java 8) , which we would recommend trying as the latest available version.

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Talend recommends version 8.
The problem was solved!
Thank you!!