Use Virtuoso to store RDF triples with Go (vs Python)



I’m interested in using Virtuoso as triplestore. I had in the idea to use Go but I’m a bit worried that it may be immature and that it could be way more difficult to exchange with the database compared to python, that has integrations with Virtuoso.

I could however be wrong if there is an “easy” way to integrate it with Go or if using Python integrations would anyway not be so straightforward.




I presume you are referring to the Go programming language(Golang) ? If so their appears to be a Native golang library for RDF which I presume could be used, how mature this is compared to the RDFLib Python library, all I can say is that I am aware of many users of the Python RDFLib, but have not come across any users of rdf2go or golang with RDF generally …

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