Updates From OpenLink Software: August 2019

What’s New @OpenLink: August 2019

Recent news about our suite of Data Access Drivers, Virtuoso Universal Server, browser extensions, and more.

Virtuoso 8.3 Release Reminder

Virtuoso 8.3 is now available for download, and introduces:

  • Knowledge graph creation from CSV Documents
  • Virtuoso ODBC Driver for Linux, macOS, and other Unix-like platforms is now compatible with both iODBC and unixODBC driver managers
  • Various bug fixes and performance boosts

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“Deceptively Simple” Data Entry Form

How the power of modeling data as Graphs or Tables redefines what’s possible with a simple data entry form using a conventional interface.

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Exploiting Small Data

Insights into how Hyperlinks functioning as Super Keys offer a Small Data (rather than Big Data) approach to modern data access, integration, and management .

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GeoSPARQL Demo Server

Offering a demonstration and showcase instance for GeoSPARQL support with Virtuoso for operating on geospatial data.

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The Linked Open Data Cloud

Learn more about the world’s largest knowledge graph that reiterates the benefits that open standards bring to modern data access and integration aimed at new generation systems-of-intelligence.

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