Unable to access (parts of) ODS VOS


This using VOS 07.20.3229 - two environments both Debian (I’m still working on a FreeBSD port and back in familiar areas).

I’m running into issues accessing site settings, application settings and the ability to edit profiles. This happens even when an entire whipe of the system and new compile. I can get to installing the framework and briefcase but system and new accounts can’t seem to access these areas.

When anything happens it seems to be trying to throw the login to a localhost (I’ve tried setting fqdm across and local across).

I’m pretty sure it’s something simple and just curious as to where to look for this what may be causing it.

It seems like when I leave the “inside” (conductor) I’m doing something to prevent persistence (I’ve tried to find a list of who needs what roles but wanted to ask here since this wasn’t an issue until recently.

These are known issues as support for ODS in VOS has been discontinued, with ODS only being support in the Virtuoso commercial release going forward. What is you intended use case for ODS ?

Sorry if this is something already answered or details published but does this mean support for all ODS features won’t be available to use with VOS? The commercial version will be required to host a wiki / blog / briefcase / feed manager etc?

If so are there any resources about alternative ways to integrate the community focused features with VOS (looking at solid is on my to list but a quick glance suggests it may be and wasn’t sure if it was part of related roadmap)

As said in my previous post we are discontinuing the maintenance of ODS in VOS going forward and focusing on supporting it going forward the commercial product. So some features may continue to work but the is no guarantee and we would not be fixing any problems encountered.

Understood - this is something using the idea multi user chat WeGPT.ai Coming Soon and I should have clarified the question about ODS - if I would like xmpp.ai / semlayer to be an open source open standards project is the roadmap for vos still align with it being a part of the foundation?

I also would like to purchase the commercial license and if possible discuss the planned use and share the results of using virtuoso in a solution to an emerging problem a part of the cyber security industry has been experiencing.

We can discuss this during call being scheduled …