Transaction aborted with CREATE TABLE

I want to create table with meta data. After running the script, it crashes by mistake.

Transaction aborted because it’s log after image size went above the limit

I try to set this params for solving the problem:

AutoCheckpointLogSize = 50000000
TransactionAfterImageLimit = 50000000000

How can I solve it?

PS. Virtuoso version - 07.20.3229

What is the complete version of Virtuoso being used ( virtuoso-t -? or virtuoso-iodbc-t -? for open source and commercial respectively) ?

What is the size of table being created interms of columns and rows ?

Given you have set TransactionAfterImageLimit = 50000000000 I assume it is quite a large table being created ?

What transaction log mode are you performing these operation with as would recommend using log_enable(2) to avoid transaction log size issues as detailed at How can perform SPARQL Updates without transactional log size getting exceed.