Top 10 Most Important OpenLink posts of 2019

Here is a recap of what we feel are our top 10 most important posts of 2019!

  1. What are the Business Benefits of OpenLink Virtuoso?

  2. Graph Analytics via Virtuoso SPARQL-BI extensions to SPARQL

  3. SPARQL Query Service Endpoint Knowledge Graph, deployed using Linked Data Principles

  4. What is the LOD Cloud, and why is it important?

  5. Understanding Virtuoso’s powerful Sponger Middleware for Knowledge Graph generation from a variety of data sources, via an HTML document that’s also a Knowledge Graph in its own right

  6. What is Small Data, and why is it important?

  7. What are the biggest public Knowledge Graphs?

  8. Using Linked Data for enriched FAQ Knowledge Graph generation and publication

  9. Live Knowledge Graphs deployed using HTML Documents

  10. Courtesy of our Data Sniffer, you can overlay an informative document with cross-references from the LOD Cloud Knowledge Graph, with a single mouse-click, en route to a richer reading experience.