Talent Discovery & Skills Management using OpenLink

Hi there,
I will be interested in learning if any open source components are available for evauluating Talent Discovery & Skills Management using OpenLink.
Any help would be very much appreciable

What is Talent Discovery & Skills Management and what is the specific interest or perceived interest in OpenLink Virtuoso open source components ?

@John_Rajendran are you wanting more details re: using Virtuoso to build smart solutions for discoverying and managing talent based on a talent and skills oriented knowledge graph?

eg: automated processing of CVs/Resumes/Job Posting from a variety of internal /external data sources that are automatically transformed into navigable entity relationship graph accessible to both humans and machines

Very simple demonstration re: sponging job post posting from HTML Documents using OpenLink Structure Data Sniffer:

Job-Posting–related Knowledge Graphs deployed via HTML docs discovered by OSDS