Structured data for knowsAbout shows up as a URL

Hi, using the OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS) Chrome extension. I’ve added some structured data to a web page using json-ld, type “Person”. One of the attributes is “knowsAbout” which can be text. The page is:
My code has
“knowsAbout”: “culinary arts”,
But in the OSDS, it shows it as a URL:

Any reason why it thinks it should be a URL? It doesn’t do this in the Google Structured Data Tester.


@jannette: I see what you mean, we shall have this checked by development …

The jsonld.js libs expands

 "knowsAbout": "culinary arts", 


"": [
       "@id": " arts"

and to TTL

_:b0 <> < arts> .

You could check it => Test JSON-LD playground
Therefore the issue may be in the jsonld.js lib =>

You must update JSON-LD code to something like:

"knowsAbout": [ {"@value":"culinary arts"}],

for properly work.