SR325: Transaction aborted because it's log after image size went above the 2147483647 bytes limit

Hi, I am trying to import a very large CSV via CONDUCTOR (DATABASE-> IMPORT). The initial size was 2.120.859.318 byte and reduced was 1.722.645.540 byte. I change the virtuoso.ini Parameter section putting the costant TransactionAfterImageLimit = 2250000000 but I am getting always this error: SR325: Transaction aborted because it’s log after image size went above the 2147483647 bytes limit .
I think could be something related to this post: "OverflowError: string longer than 2147483647 bytes" when trying requests.put · Issue #2717 · psf/requests · GitHub, is possibile to modify the import_csv.vspx script so Openlink Virtuoso can import big CSV data ?
Maybe would be useful to make a partition table, there is some documentation about this ?
Also I have the same problem trying to SPONGE the CSV via SPARQL the only RDF result is the resource it self. Deleting the IMPORT database virtuoso.db is still growing. There is some way to clean virtuoso.db ?Thanks. Regards.

Looks as if the CSV file is too large to load via the Conductor CSV import UI, thus you should load with the Virtuoso CSV Bulk Loader, which is designed for loading large CSV files which can also be compressed to optimize file system space.

Thanks very much for your help, I have used the bulk load and works fine. Regards.