SPARQL query limiting results to 100000 triples

Hello All,

I am facing a strange problem. Whenever i use a construct to get graph dumps, the result is truncated after 100000 triples. Is this something anyone has faced already? I couldn’t find any relevant literature on google.

This is the construct i am using:

curl --request POST ‘…/sparql/?’ -H ‘Accept: text/ntriples’ --data-urlencode 'query= construct {graph {?s ?p ?o}} WHERE {{graph {?s ?p ?o}}} ’ --output ‘filename.nt’

What are you seeking to do, create datasets of existing graphs in the Virtuoso database ? In which case the recommended way of doing this especially for large graphs is to use the Virtuoso functions for Dumping RDF Graphs to dataset files ?

The Virtuoso SPARQL construct does have limit of 1048576 triples in a solution, and thus to use this method you would have to using OFFSET and LIMIT in the construct query to progressively scroll through the result set until completed. This can also be done using the ODBC or JDBC protocols supported by Virtuoso to scroll through the result set as in the relational world.

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