SPARQL define output:format for JSONLD

From the Virtuoso SPARQL Endpoint using CONSTRUCT and WHERE I can have the response in several format such as N-Triples, RDF. JSON, JSONLD etc.
Querying Virtuoso from java using the RDF4J Java framework works fine. However, it seems I cannot have the response in JSONLD format. For JSON and N-Triples it works. For example:

SPARQL DEFINE output:format “NT”

SPARQL DEFINE output:format “JSON”

Why it doesn’t works for JSONLD : For example:

SPARQL DEFINE output:format “JSONLD”

Exception in thread "main" virtuoso.jdbc4.VirtuosoException: SQ074: Line 48: SP031: SPARQL generic error: Unsupported format name 'JSONLD'

What is the respective JSONLD value for the output:format ?


It is “JSON;LD” for expanded or “JSON;LD_CTX” for output with generated context.


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