Simple page to demonstrate simple VSPX controls


I am trying to set
“Simple page to demonstrate simple VSPX controls”
provided at the doc

    <v:page name="demo_label" xmlns:v="">
        <?vsp http ('<H3>Simple page to demonstrate simple VSPX controls</H3>'); ?>
      <p> An integer <v:label name="label1" value="--(1 + 2)" format="--'%d'"/> </p>
      <p> A string <v:label name="label2" value="'123'" format="%s"/> </p>
      <p> A string with default format <v:label name="label3" value="String"/> </p>
      An url <v:url name="url1" value="--'OpenLink Software Ltd.'" format="%s" url="--''"/>
      An url (default format) <v:url name="url2" value="OpenLink Software Ltd." url="" />
      <v:include url="footer.xml"/>

I saved the code at vsp/vsmx/test.vspx .
(Where vsmx.vspx is located So, I assume it’s a right directory.)

Were created automatically.

However, I see no “controls” and
’ value=“–(1 + 2)” ’ wasn’t calculated.

Should the ’ value=“–(1 + 2)” ’ be calculated ?
How the page should looks like then Virtuoso configuration set properly ?

Best regards,

Please change v xml namespace to xmlns:v=“”, also you may wish to explore examples at Virtuoso Tutorial - Web 1.0 Application programming


Hello Mitko,

yes, with the adjusted namespace the page works well.

The tutorial is also quite helpful.

Thank you!