Roles security - world graph and private graphs

Goodmorning to all,

I have two nodes linux on which is deployed an istance of Open link Virtuoso version 07.20.321.

Both the nodes have the same graphs stored.

Through a node i can do a query sparql over the graph-x, in the other node it is not possible. In both I ask for all the triple in the graph-x, but in one of them i have no results.

In both im querying as dba dba. The only difference that I can note is that in the node failing, in Graphs->User Security i have the sub-tab “Graphs” valued as “Default for ‘world graph’” and “Default for ‘private graph’”. While in the second one, I dont have these values.

Thanks you in advance

What is the exact version of Virtuoso being run on both instances which can be obtained with the SPARQL query:

  ( bif:sys_stat('st_dbms_name')          AS ?name )
  ( bif:sys_stat('st_dbms_ver')           AS ?version )
  ( bif:sys_stat('st_build_thread_model') AS ?thread )
  ( bif:sys_stat('st_build_opsys_id')     AS ?opsys )
  ( bif:sys_stat('st_build_date')         AS ?date )
  (bif:sys_stat ('git_head') AS ?git_head)

  { }

What Virtuoso interface are you using when running your queries as the dba user ie isql, SPARQL endpoint or other ?

As the “dba” user if the graph-x data was successfully loaded into both Virtuoso instance then they should be queryable regards of permissions on the graph, which would affect none dba user access.

What is the output of running the following query, as dba, on both instances, which will return a count of triples in all the graphs in each instance and determine of both contain the same data:

SELECT ?graph (count(?s) as ?count) WHERE { GRAPH ?graph { ?s ?p ?o } } GROUP BY ?graph ORDER BY DESC(?count)