Restore-backup with .bp file and customised Docker Virtuoso image container - could not restore database using prefix

Hello, if anyone is able to help please, I am seeking enlightenment on how to use to +restore-backup with.bp backup file and a custom Docker virtuoso image/container on Windows

uploading a backup file called backup.bp to the database folder in the docker container at /opt/virtuoso-opensource/database

and then in Docker Exec with container running:

virtuoso-t +foreground +restore-backup backup
virtuoso-t +restore-backup backup

I’ve also tried adding these to entrypoint in docker-compose.yml without success.
Any insight or pointers to relevant docs greatly appreciated.


What do you mean by and then in Docker Exec with container running ... ?

What output is reported when running the virtuoso-t +foreground +restore-backup backup or virtuoso-t +restore-backup backup commands ?

How have you created this custom Docker virtuoso image/container ?

Please provide the actual text output of the commands being so we can see what you are doing.

A default Virtuoso docker container will automatically shutdown when the Virtuoso server is gracefully shutdown or automatically restart if the database shuts down and so cannot be restored from a backup, which requires the database be shutdown and the a terminal session to the container to run the restore backup command.

What you can do is to start Virtuoso Docker image in bash shell with existing database volume mounted as detailed in the post such that the Virtuoso container can be accessed as a standalone installation and started & stopped manually. Which will enable the normal Virtuoso backup and restore commands to be run.

Thanks for your message.

I’ve resolved the issue - .bp filename had been changed - keeping the original name was required.