RDF Bulk loader for N-Quad files not loading


I’m trying to load this ~100MB N-Quad dump into Virtuoso by uploading it to dba’s rdf_sink folder (I tried both compressed and uncompressed). I waited 30 mins, but no data was loaded. I get this when I check the status of bulk loader some time after upload, per these instructions:

select * from DB.DBA.LOAD_LIST where ll_error IS NOT NULL

Enter password for dba :
Connected to OpenLink Virtuoso
Driver: 07.20.3217 OpenLink Virtuoso ODBC Driver
ll_file                                                                           ll_graph                                                                          ll_state    ll_started           ll_done              ll_host     ll_work_time  ll_error
VARCHAR NOT NULL                                                                  VARCHAR                                                                           INTEGER     TIMESTAMP            TIMESTAMP            INTEGER     INTEGER     VARCHAR

0 Rows. -- 1 msec.

The article mentions bulk_load.sh script, but I do not find it under /opt/virtuoso/bin. I verify that RDF bulk loader is working, since it did load this smaller N-Triples file (compressed and uncompressed).

@Sherman_Monroe: I am not sure why you expect to upload file to an rdf_sink folder and check the status of the load_list table to determine if they have loaded, as this is a WebDAV feature, enabled as detailed here.

The load_list table is only used by the Virtuoso RDF Bulk Loader, for which the datasets have to be placed in a file system location accessible to the Virtuoso server and one or multiple rdf_loader_run() commands executed to bulk load the file loaded into the load_list table for load with the ld_dir() command as detailed in the documentation for the bulk loader above.

For loading of large datasets, the Virtuoso RDF Bulk Loader method should be used …

Hi Hugh,

Thank you, I will keep this in mind. I’ll try loading the file directly onto the Virtuoso server and using the Bulk Loader feature…

That worked. We now have classes and properties for use by the Forms editor!