Parameterized isql query


I try to use the RDF Bulk Loader from python. And when I define a parametrized query I got this error: pyodbc.OperationalError: (‘08S01’, ‘[08S01] [OpenLink][Virtuoso ODBC Driver]CL065: Lost connection to server (-1) (SQLExecDirectW)’)
It is a simple query using ld_dir: cursor.execute (“ld_dir(?, ?, ?)”, (path, file, uri,)).

Have you any idea about this problem?

The CL065: Lost connection to server (-1) indicates the connection to the Virtuoso server was lost, thus is the Virtuoso instance you are connecting via pyodbc accessible via the Virtuoso “isql” command line tool or Conductor ?

You should also check the “virtuoso.log” file on the server to see if any error is occurring when running your pyodbc command.

Not sure why you are calling ld_dir() with params and not just passing literal values for what you are seeking to load, which is what is documented and all that use the bulk loader do in my experience. But I suppose you should be able to pass params also, but I don’t know what that python call would be passing to Virtuoso, so you would have to enable ODBC tracing or turn on Virtuoso tracing to see what is being passed.