OSDS 3.0.0 Release Notes

Release Notes — including updates from 2.22.10 to 3.0.0

ChatGPT Related

  • Added a new “Stop” button to ChatGPT window that enables users to abandon tasks before completion
  • Added support for GPT models selection, if your account has been granted access to this feature by OpenAI
  • Enhanced CSS styling used to present ChatGPT integration


  • Enhanced Authentication Dialogs used when SuperLinks functionality is invoked
  • Enhanced SuperLinks to use new OpenID Connect + OAuth Login Feature
  • Fixed CSS issues with injected elements


  • Added Markdown Nanotation Support where ## Markdown Start ## and ## Markdown End ## function as markers for extracting markdown (e.g., Tables) for visualization
  • Added ability to set a default graph name used by “Upload to SPARQL Endpoint” feature via settings
  • Added new OpenID Connect + OAuth Layer with support DPoP and ECDSA
  • Fixed issue with Markdown viewer in Safari
  • Enhanced Nanotation marker handling
  • Fixed bug related to properly handling @base in RDF-Turtle and NQuads
  • Fixed CSS issues associated with popup message during page scroll


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