[OpenLink][ODBC][JDBC Server]Encryption option is mandatory

Hi Team,

Could you help to sample URL string with encryption option is mandatory.

What JDBC Driver and back end database are you connecting to ?

As our ODBC-JDBC Bridge does not perform the encryption, it would be the JDBC Driver that should have a connect string option of enabling the encryption the back end database that appears to require such …

Hi William,

Thanks for your response.
Below is the connection string was passing.

Your JDBC connect string means nothing to me, I asked for the JDBC Driver name and target backend database you are connecting to ?

It’s GT.M Profile system running on AIX hosted in 3rd part drivers

Is GT.M the backend database engine you are connecting to ?

As asked twice before, what is the actual JDBC Driver being used, provide a documentation link or other details on it. Have you read its documentation to determine how the JDBC Driver itself, independent of our ODBC-JDBC Bridge, would make an encrypted connection to the target database, as until you know that then our driver will not be able to connect.