OpenLink Multi-Tier Client and Server Components Interaction

Multi-Tier Generic Client Communications Sequence:

  1. Connects to Request Broker (oplrqb)
  2. Send DB agent Connection options (if any are configured as part of DSN setup)
  3. oplrqb finds the relevant DB Agent configuration, and then opens a DB Server connection using settings in said configuration – a DB agent session is created and mapped to NEW port from the portLow and portHigh range
  4. oplrqb sends the NEW port to the Generic ODBC or JDBC Client
  5. Generic Client opens connection to DB Agent port and interacts with remote DBMS server until closed

Based on the above, if the Request Broker and associated DB Agents are installed to AWS or Azure (or any other cloud service) you MUST ensure that port ranges 5000-5050 are opened up, assuming portLow and portHigh settings of 5000 and 5050, respectively, in the Broker Config (oplrqb.ini).