No JDBC\ODBC drivers in Database-External Data Sources

How to add JDBC\ODBC connection types to Database -External Data Sources- Configure Datasources - there are only
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OpenLink Virtuoso|

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@kol9313: Virtuoso only installs its own ODBC Driver. For attaching tables from another third party database, an ODBC Driver for that particular database has to be installed separately. We offer a suite of ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET drivers for thirty party databases (that are a separate product) and examples detailing attaching tables with these ODBC/JDBC drivers. An ODBC or JDBC driver from the database vendor or from another driver vendor can also be used.

Note that the Virtuoso Virtual Database engine uses only ODBC to access remote databases. Thus to attach tables from a database for which only a JDBC Driver is available, an ODBC-JDBC Bridge driver (which may also be obtained from us) is required, which can then use the JDBC driver to provide the connectivity.

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On the download page ( ) there are only 6_x and 7_x in Driver Release Version , is I correctly understand that currently there are no 8_x versions?

@kol9313: The OpenLink Universal Data Access (UDA) product is separate from the OpenLink Virtuoso Universal Server product and thus has its own version numbering for which Release 7.0 is the latest available and Release 6.x components are still available for those who might want such. You should download the latest UDA Release 7.0 where possible …