New Product Release: ODBC Drivers for SQL Server and ODBC-JDBC Bridge

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of new OpenLink ODBC Drivers as part of the new Universal Data Access 9.0 Release comprising latest feature enhancement and bug fixes, for the following database management systems:

Release Notes

New Features and Fixes


  • Added unicode fixes
  • Added support for built-in DEMO license
  • Fixed error message handlers
  • Fixed memory allocation issues

Microsoft & Sybase SQLServer ODBC Driver

ODBC-JDBC Bridge ODBC Driver

  • Added support for JDBC 4.3 in Java 9 and higher versions
  • Added support to properly handle SPARQL queries, SPARQL inline queries and SPARQL ?? parameter marker
  • Fixed issue initializing JVM on Unix/Linux/macOS operating systems
  • Enhanced to accommodate broader spectrum of JDBC Drivers e.g, the InfluxDB, Infor Compass, and other JDBC Drivers
  • Enhanced the Lite Edition Drivers to use simple SQLFetch calls always


SQL Server Lite drivers:

ODBC-JDBC Bridge Lite drivers:

Additional Information