New OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS) 3.2.29 Release

Release Notes — Updates from 3.0.16 to 3.2.29

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS) 3.2.29, a unique browser extension that enhances the synergy between Knowledge Graphs and Chatbots within existing browsers. This productivity tool is ideal for those facing challenges such as:

  • Structured Data Extraction: Effortlessly retrieve and store structured data in Personal or Enterprise Knowledge Graphs from conventional web pages and social media platforms, including Twitter, Threads, Mastodon, Reddit, LinkedIn, and others.
  • Structured Data Transformation: Seamlessly discover and transform structured data among a variety of formats, such as CSV, JSON, JSON-LD, Markdown, and RDF-Turtle.
  • Enhanced ChatGPT Integration: Use ChatGPT to generate prompts from text in your browser.
  • Entity Discovery and Management: Automatically discover, tag, and hyperlink text within your browser.
  • Preferred Storage Location Discovery & Use: Determining the URL that denotes the preferred location for storing transformed data, if that information is obtainable from a user’s login identity.

New Features & Fixes


  • Nanotation and Prompt Generation for AI Chatbots: We’ve expanded our nanotation and prompt generation capabilities beyond the existing offerings for OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This advanced functionality is now also available for several other platforms, including Microsoft CoPilot, Mistral, Google Gemini, Anthropic Claude3, Perplexity, Perplexity Labs, HuggingFace Chat, and
  • Browser DOM Extractors: Enhanced AI chatbot prompt generation from social media pages, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Mastodon, Github (issues and comments), Reddit (new design only), and Instagram Threads.
  • SuperLinks Enhancement: We’ve added an ‘Ask ChatGPT’ feature to SuperLinks, enabling users to query information about entities extracted from the current webpage in a browser.

Fixes & Updates

  • Extension Activation: Users can now choose between automatic or manual activation, with manual activation requiring a user to click to invoke.
  • RDFa Sniffing: Automatic activation of RDFa sniffing has been disabled.
  • solid-auth-client Improvements: Implemented fixes for better interaction with SPARQL endpoints and Personal Data Spaces (or Pods).
  • Anthropic Claude3: Fixed issues regarding the nanotation injection drop-down


Feature Demo

Twitter Thread Processing


Microsoft CoPilot Data Export via Nanotation


Perplexity Data Extraction Demo via Nanotation


Other Features Demos