New OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS) 3.0.16 Release

Release Notes — including updates from 3.0.0 to 3.0.16

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer (OSDS) 3.0.16, a unique browser extension that brings the untapped magic of the Semantic Web to existing browsers. This productivity tool is ideal for anyone grappling with the following issues:

  1. Structured Data Extraction for storage and recall to and from Personal or Enterprise Knowledge Graphs, from conventional webpages or those published across social media platforms such as Twitter, Threads, Mastodon, Reddit, LinkedIn, and others.

  2. Structured Data Transformation across a variety of formats such as CSV, JSON, JSON-LD, Markdown, RDF-Turtle, and others.

  3. Productive use of ChatGPT for transforming text encountered anywhere via your browser.

  4. Entity Discovery, AutoTagging, and Hyperlinking from text.

New Features & Fixes

ChatGPT Integration Related

  • Enhanced ChatGPT Conversational UI/UX integration
  • Added new Browser Context Menu item for ChatGPT integration invocation
  • Added ChatGPT prompt generation for Text Selections from Browser’s Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Added ChatGPT settings to main configuration UI
    • Added support for loading selecting preferred GPT Large Language Models (LLMs)
    • Added support for selecting Web-browsing model support – usable whenever this is enabled by OpenAI
    • Added settings option for configuring default ChatGPT prompts and associated LLMs
    • Added new options for configuring default ChatGPT prompts and associated LLMs
    • Added ChatGPT token calculator
    • Default prompts that enable setting JSON-LD or RDF-Turtle as default
    • Added default prompts for rendering JSON-LD or RDF-Turtle for text selected from DOM
  • Fixed ChatGPT integration for FireFox browser

Others Fixes

  • Fixed issue with @base handing in JSON-LD processor
  • Fixed issue with Save Options in Settings


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