Loading Ontology and RDF compliant data


I want to load RDF data to experiment and learn how to use some Virtuoso features, and I have the following questions:

The scenario:

  1. I can load RDF data using the Conductor interface … check.
  2. Let’s say I load a subset from Dbpedia, or Imdb … check

The questions:
– How do I load or get the Ontology related to this data, in order to be able to query and/or do inference on the loaded data (based on the Ontology)?
– Once inside Virtuoso, how do I differentiate the ontology, from the RDF content data? By content data I mean data about instances as opposed to what is in the Ontology.

or inversely, say I get/build an Ontology

How do I load it to Virtuoso (as an ontology and not as content RDF)? And how do I associate it to the RDF content data? (in case that is necessary)

And finally …
Could you please tell me of any Ontology/Dataset pairs that you may know about, and I could use for the stated purpose?

Thank you very much!!