Linked data Views from a CSV table generate URI refered to single row and to all the table


we have upload a very huge amount of data, about 45 million row, provided by the customer, in a CSV TABLE with the bulk load. We have tried to have a RDF VIEW of the TABLE via “Linked data → Views” but the automatic process generate single entity like :


so via SPARQL we can QUERY only single ID and not all CVS table.


select *

from <[http://:8890/CSV/pfai2019_csv/ID/1>

from <[http://:8890/CSV/pfai2019_csv/ID/2>

from <[http://:8890/CSV /pfai2019_csv/ID/3>

where {?s ?p ?o }

We want to have to query all the TABLE not just single ID.

How can we solve the problem ?

Generating RDFViews from Conductor Linked data → Views UI at the end of the process, when some sample URIs are provided for verification of the Linked Data View URIs being operation, also includes the Virtual RDF Graph Name and materialized Physical RDF Graph Name if requested, both of which can be queried to see all the virtual of physical triples of the RDF data for the table(s).

Thus on the final Linked Data Views definition page when the RDFViews are generated a section like the following is generated:

Sample Graph IRIs & Linked Data Entity URIs

RDF Document (Named Graph) IRIs:

Transient Views: http://localhost:8890/test#

Materialized Views: urn:localhost:8890:test

Metadata Data Document (VoiD) URI/URL: http://localhost:8890/test/stat#

Linked Data Ontology URI: http://localhost:8890/schemas/test/

with the Transient Views: http://localhost:8890/test# being the Virtual RDF Graph name and Materialized Views: urn:localhost:8890:test being the Physical RDF Graph name, if generated. Likewise similar would have been generated for you.

You can also goto to http://HOST:8890/sparql/?help=views which displays a page listing all the RDFViews generated for the given Virtuoso instance, which includes the Virtual RDF Graph Name …

This answer solved my problem… Thanks. Regards.