License Question


BLUF - can’t access via conductor and think it’s an expired license. I’m happy to pay for the license but to be honest the licensing selection is confusing and no idea which one to select. I would like to run the universal server along with semantic mediawiki for development. The environment I’ve been using seems more than adequate even on the low resourced server it’s on. Using Debian and working on developing web based applications. —would like to make sure the license is the appropriate one for my use case.

On another note: I could not for the life of me get the mediawiki filesystem vad working. Are there current howtos anyone can point me to?

———long version——-

I’m very new here and I’ve been enjoying the Virtuoso features, capabilities and everything about it.

I downloaded and installed everything that included the universal server, a license file, and the odbc which worked great. Today I tried to access using the conductor and couldn’t seem to connect. The same was true using lynx and attempted to connect to localhost. I disabled anything that may have been causing it from the network (packet filtering / iptables).

I removed everything after bringing down and reinstalled. Still no luck.

I check the log file pretty regularly and I’ve seen a message about the expiration on November 11 after November 1st without any issues.

Log (I saw the same date November 11 and able to access conductor after this date)

03:24:47 OpenLink Virtuoso Universal Server
03:24:47 Version 08.03.3329-pthreads for Linux as of Sep 5 2023 (05786c0d3b)
03:24:47 uses OpenSSL 1.0.2u 20 Dec 2019
03:24:47 uses parts of PCRE, Html Tidy
03:24:47 Registered to
03:24:47 Personal Edition license for unlimited connections
03:24:47 Issued by OpenLink Software
03:24:47 This license will expire on Sat Nov 11 00:00:00 2023 GMT
03:24:47 Enabled Cluster Extension
03:24:47 Enabled Column Store Extension
03:24:47 Enabled Virtual Database Extension
03:24:47 Enabled Replication Extension
03:24:47 Enabled Scalable ACL Extension
03:24:47 Enabled Custom Reasoning & Inference Rules
03:24:47 Enabled Shapes Constraint Language
03:24:47 Database version 3324
03:24:47 SQL Optimizer enabled (max 1000 layouts)
03:24:49 Compiler unit is timed at 0.000289 msec
03:24:51 Roll forward started
03:24:51 3 transactions, 189 bytes replayed (100 %)
03:24:51 Roll forward complete
03:24:53 Checkpoint started
03:24:53 Checkpoint finished, log reused
03:24:53 License has expired
03:24:53 There are no licensed connections available to the HTTP Server
03:24:53 HTTP/WebDAV server online at 8890
03:24:53 Server online at 1111 (pid 948687)

From the available Virtuoso license offers the Personal License for use Workstation/Desktop class machines on ANY operating system or the Workgroup License for use on Workstation/Desktop or Server class machines would be the options available online. If the concurrent database sessions and/or CPUs do not meet your needs then you would need to contact sales to obtain a custom quote to meet your requirements.

The MediaWiki VAD was created over a decade ago, and requires a PHP5 plugin as indicated in the docs, which we no longer support with the latest Virtuoso 8.x releases and thus would not work.


The hardware and resources seem to more than adequate for a development environment.

Thanks for the direct links to the licenses. Since it’s only myself and occasionally one other working with it is the desktop license ok? Are there any differences in the features or functionality between the two (it’s running on a “server” but only because it’s like 10 bucks a month my desktop has far more horsepower)

Regarding the mediawiki vad being old:

I’ve been installing it assuming I would need to update the mediawiki source replacing the older version and the mediawiki user account, authentication and database configuration were still valid.

If I skip using the vad are there any examples of to install and configure mediawiki this way?

The only difference between the licenses is the number of database sessions and CPUs they allow. Virtuoso would provide the same functionality with either license.

As said the Virtuoso 8.x releases do not have a PHP5 plugin to enable MediaWiki to be hosted in Virtuoso whether via the old VAD or other manual setup.

Thanks! I haven’t been able to get the php5 plugin working anyway (I’ve been using mysql for the smw database and virtuoso for its triple store). Not the way I’d prefer but haven’t had any luck and one of those things I’ll get to if thee’s a benefit worth doing it.

And than you so much for license info I really appreciate it.