JDBC-ODBC Bridge Lite With ODI Agent


We are trying evaluate version JDBC-ODBC Bridge with Oracle Odi but having some troubles.

Our aim is to reach some excel files with odbc trough oracle data integrator agent with jdbc and we want openlink bridge driver to reach type1 connection with jdbc and odbc.

Within the application (ODI) we can connect to excel files but ODI has an agent which runs on the same server (DB, ODI, Agent, Driver, Excel Files all are on the same server), agent couldnt reach the odbc and having this error;

no opljodbc4_2 in java.library.path

Can you give me an idea to how can I fix this.

Conn string: jdbc:openlink://ODBC/DSN=clb

BTW if we but the megathin*.jar to drivers directory and try again we get the error;

unknown host ODBC


The opljodbc4_2.dll file is in the bin sub-directory of the OpenLink ODBC-JDBC Driver’s installation directory (which is identified by the %PATH% environment variable created by the product installer). Thus, the issue here boils down to whether your Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) agent is picking up the %PATH% environment variable; i.e., how does it obtain its %PATH% information?

You could try copying the opljodbc4_2.dll file to the Windows System directory (which is typically \Windows\System32) which is searched by default and then lets see if your ODI agent locates it following this change.

The Lite Edition (Single-Tier) JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver is a Type 1 JDBC Driver that has an external DLL binding via JNI.

The Megathin (megathin*.jar) is a Type 3 Driver which doesn’t require any external DLL bindings via JNI; i.e., this “pure Java” Driver performs all its operations via the Java VM. This alternative is offered via our Enterprise Edition (Multi-Tier) JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver.


Best Regards
Hugh Williams
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Hello Hugh,

Thank you for your reply, we tried your recomendations but couldn’t make it work.
Do you have an example with single tiear type 1 connection?

Thank you.

“Couldn’t make it work” is too vague to address.

The more detail you can provide of what you’ve done, and what results you obtained, the better we can advise about how to move forward. In this case, knowing whether there was any change in the error messages you received would be especially important.

In your initial question, it appears that you are saying that the ODI application is successfully connecting through the Lite Edition ODBC-to-JDBC Bridge, to the Excel ODBC Driver, to the Excel workbooks – but the ODI Standalone Agent is not able to connect through this same stack, though it’s running on the same machine as the ODI app. Is that correct?

Assuming so, you’ll need to check whether the ODI Standalone Agent has the same environment, and is running with the same (or greater) permissions, as the ODI app. Differences are commonly caused by running one tool under a different username than the other, and/or by setting some environment variables as User instead of System.

(If you’ve copied the opljodbc4_2.dll to %WINDOWS% without success, we suggest removing the extra copy, as it will not be updated by future driver updates, and further troubleshooting efforts may be confused by that copy.)