ISQL not found in ./bin

I installed Virtuoso-7.2.2 in aws ubuntu 18.0.4 instance. I am able to start the server. However when I am trying to run isql from command line using ./ isql command. Its not running and I couldn’t be able to find isql file in ./bin

Please help me resolve this issue.


What or Whose Virtuoso-7.2.2 have you installed/instantiated on aws ubuntu 18.0.4, please provide details preferably a URL to what is being used ?

What is ./bin as it can be anywhere on an OS, thus what is the physical path you installed/instantiated Virtuoso to on the AMI and is that the ./bin directory you are looking in ?

Are other Virtuoso components installed in the same ./bin directory like virtuoso-t or virtuoso-iodbc-t for the open source and commercial Virtuoso binary names ?

Thanks for reply. I installed virtuoso from below url and installation steps are followed from same url

link- Setting up Virtuoso on Ubuntu 18.04 « Henriette's Notes

The physical path I installed virtuoso is home/username/virtuoso and this path has directories viz., bin, lib, share, var and virtuoso-opensource-7.2.2

virtuoso-t is located in the path home/username/virtuoso/bin and this location has files viz., inifile, isql-v,isql-vw, virt_mail and virtuoso-t

P.S: Since isql file is not available I am unabke to use isql in command line. Please help me in resolving this issue.


OK, so you have not installed Virtuoso but compiled from source, in which case the standard “isql” file is called “isql-v” for a default Ubuntu installation which you performed as their is already another tool called “isql” which is available as a debian package, so we rename ours such as to not conflict with it. So use the isql-v program which is also documented in our official Virtuoso Open Source documentation when building on Ubuntu .