Install Docker Virtuoso Server Open Source for Linux

Dear all,
I have to install an open source version of Virtuoso on Docker on Ubuntu, I’m confused:
Which of the following version to install:

  1. stain / virtuoso (

  2. tenforce / virtuoso

  3. OpenLink / virtuoso-opensource-7
    For 3) what are the requirements (Linux ) and the Dockerfile.?

What is the difference between them?
A suggestion would be welcome
Thanks in advance

You should use the OpenLink provided official Virtuoso open source docker container. The others are produced by third parties, typically for their own use initially, but made public for others to use if required.

See the documentation on the Virtuoso Docker Container usage …

Thank you very much for your very detailed suggestion.

I would have other questions to ask:

  1. can I install the official version of Open Source Docker Virtuoso (i.e OpenLink / virtuoso-opensource-7) on Ubuntu Server 18?

  2. Do I need a particular Docker file (or can I follow the instructions available at

My interest is the Linked Open Data; Does Virtuoso allow to transform documents in CSV format into RDF files (there are tutorials in this regard)?
Thank you so much for your attention.

I had a similar problem and wrote this guide

maybe it will be helpful for you as well.
If you have comments/problems with it feel free to let me know


Hi @m.l , thanks very much for all your good advice.

I followed the installation instructions with a Docker container running Virtuoso (thanks the suggestions of @hwilliams :slightly_smiling_face:).

I’m dealing with the following problem:

  • convert csv files to rdf files.

I read from the official documentation (see ) I read:

"Place them at an HTTP-accessible location, and use the Virtuoso Sponger to convert them to RDF "

Do you have any experience with this problem?
Any advice would be appreciated.


What is the problem as you have not stated one ?

Or are you saying you do not understand the Virtuoso process for transforming CSV files to RDF ?

Basically Virtuoso provides a CSV to RDF Sponger cartridge (RDF’izer),amongst many others, which takes CSV files and transforms them on the fly to RDF and persists in the Virtuoso RDF Quad Store. You should read the Sponger documentation and all should become clear …