I need Help in Visualizing my RDFXML graphs Virtuoso

Hi am an MSc student currently doing my research on semantic web which is also a new domain to me, Am problem trying to Visualize my RDF knowledge graph which I have it on Virtuoso local serve using Lodlive http:// en . lodlive . it/ according to their documentation LodView Github I need a SPARQL endpoint which I think i already have it on my Virtuoso local server but am still having issues to connect my SPARQL endpoint to lodlive to help me Visualize my graph!

Here is the paper am working on… Just read the paragraph Under Visualizing graphs

Looking at your indicated paper it references a SPARQL endpoint at http://bio2vec.net/sparql/ , which redirects to https://bio2vec.cbrc.kaust.edu.sa/sparql/ , which gives a HTTP 404 not found as the page does not exist …

What is the URL to the SPARQL endpoint of the indicated Virtuoso instance hosting your RDF Knowledge Graph, which is typically http://hostname:portno/sparql , where for a default Virtuoso instance the portno is 8890 and hostname is the hostname of the machine Virtuoso is running on ?

Do you have an example URI for the Ontology that you are trying to visualize?

If you provide the requested URI we can load it into our live URIBurner service (a Live Virtuoso instance) and use it to simulate your quest etc…

Thanj yiu @kidehen i have Ontology on my system how can i upload via live serve? so that i can get the example URI?

Where is your Ontology? Can you not put it in an RDF document (RDF-XML or RDF-Turtle etc.) and then share it via a Web Accessible Folder? You can even attach it here if need be, or paste the Ontology (i.e., collection of RDF statements) itself here.