Hi team,
As i am aware of creating database striping and here is my configuration as below

FileExtend = 200
Striping = 1

Segment1 = 10240M, /disk1/db-seg1-1.db=iq1, /disk2/db-seg1-2.db=iq2
Segment2 = 10240M, /disk1/db-seg2-1.db=iq1, /disk2/db-seg2-2.db=iq2

I have started the DB with this configuration, and what if my data can grow to more than 20GB in future, can we add a new segment after that? if so does it affect the existing database?

And is the above configuration are good to go? any best advice on it?


The Virtuoso striping documentation details it use and should be reviewed. You add new segments in the [Striping] section of the INI file to dynamically increase the database storage capacity as it grows over time.

Virtuoso striping can be used to improve disk IO to improve performance as detailed here . Hardware striping, as in a typical RAID 10 system, will generally be more optimal than Virtuoso software striping.