How-To -- Use the Virtuoso RDF Bulk Loader to Load Data from Zenodo

Here’s a simple How-To style guide for uploading the “CrunchBase RDF Data Set” from the Zenodo RDF Dataset Repository into a Virtuoso instance.

I will be using our URIBurner Service as the Virtuoso instance example in this guide.


  1. Download the dump file ( crunchbase-dump-2015-10.nt.gz ) to the URIBurner Virtuoso host, and put it in a directory ( /opt/ubv7n/dumps/ ) which is included in the URIBurner instance’s INI file (in the DirsAllowed parameter value).

  2. Load the data into a Virtuoso instance using the following SQL command sequence:

    ld_dir ('/opt/ubv7n/dumps/', 'crunchbase-dump-2015-10.nt.gz', '') ;
    SELECT * FROM DB.DBA.load_list WHERE ll_state = 0 ;
  3. Verify the effects of the load commands with the following SPARQL query:

    SELECT DISTINCT ( SAMPLE(?s) AS ?sampleEntity ) 
                    ( COUNT(1)   AS ?entityCount ) 
                    ( ?o         AS ?entityType )
    FROM <>
        ?s a ?o . 
        FILTER ( isIRI(?s) )
    GROUP BY ?o
  4. Here’s a screenshot of the query results. Each link resolves to a Faceted Browsing Page that provides deeper exploration of the Entity Relationships and Entity Relationship Types that underly this Knowledge Graph.