How to setup MediaWiki on local machine - not working

I have just installed Virtuoso on my Windows 11 machine.

However, I am trying to setup MediaWiki but the documentation here is not working:

I have encountered 2 issues so far:

  1. I am asked to use port 1116 in setting up ODBC, but the port on my local machine is 8890. When I use either one, it doesn’t work except I uncheck this default selected option:

    “Connect to Virtuoso Server to obtain default settings for the additional configuration options”

    Is this the right thing to do?

  2. I am asked to type this code into the ISQL window:


    It returns an error:

    Could not open filesystem resource tmp/mediawiki_fs.vad
    Reason: File not found.

I am working with a 64-bit installation of OpenLink Virtuoso.

Please advise on how I can spin up MediaWiki as advertised in this article:

Thank you.

The OpenLink MediaWiki 1.18.4 package offering is old, from about 10 years ago, and has not been maintained in recent years, nor tested with the latest Virtuoso releases, thus would not be recommended for use, especially given the latest MediaWIki release is 1.37.x.

In relation to your specific issues:

  1. You need to the SQL port (not the HTTP port) the Virtuoso server is listening at, which is 1111 by default, or whatever port you might have set it to in the virtuoso.ini configuration file.

  2. tmp/mediawiki_fs.vad is the location to which it is assumed you have downloaded the OpenLink MediaWiki VAD package for installation. You can download this archive now, from, and then add the filesystem location to which you download it (i.e., the directory now holding the mediawiki_fs.vad file) to the DirsAllowed param in the virtuoso.ini configuration file, so the Virtuoso server will allow the installation. Then, specify the actual location of the mediawiki_fs.vad in the DB.DBA.VAD_INSTALL() call, for instance —


Thanks for your reply.

I have followed the steps and managed to get to a point where my downloaded VAD file exists.

In other words, I was able to get the path here:


However, I get this error:

| 42VAD| VAD file (*****Downloads/Servers/addons/mediawiki_fs.vad) problems: FA003: Access to '*****Downloads\Servers\addons\mediawiki_fs.vad' is denied due to access control in ini file|
| 00000| Errors detected|
| 00000| Installation of *****Downloads/Servers/addons/mediawiki_fs.vad was unsuccessful.|
| 00000| ERROR|

My question now is, how can I fix the access control in the ini file?

Please let me know so I can proceed.

Thank you.


You just need to add the path to the addons directory (including addons but not mediawiki_fs.vad) to the list of directories in the DirsAllowed value in the virtuoso.ini file, and then restart Virtuoso — so the new setting takes effect — before you re-attempt the VAD_INSTALL() call.

If this is unclear, or if you continue to get errors after doing so, please provide the full line of the DirsAllowed setting from your virtuoso.ini, as well as the actual path to the mediawiki_fs.vad archive on your machine. Note — Don’t mask anything in these items, or we cannot provide accurate instructions!