How to perform a scalability test of a virtuoso triple-store?

I want to perform a scalability test of a VOS triplestore. I have three queries for test and three graphs loaded to my VOS instance. Please advise on what could be a feasible setup for this task?

You should review the Virtuoso RDF Performance Tuning Guide, the key to performance being to have enough memory allocated to Virtuoso such that the database working set (i.e., your data) can be loaded into memory and not have to be read from disk, when the database is “warm”.

@deoshayo - There are many factors involved in such testing. You may benefit from reviewing our blog series on benchmarking (TPC-H starts here; Annuit Coeptis, or, Star Schema and The Cost of Freedom, and E Pluribus Unum, or, Star Schema Meets Cluster), as well as the work of the LDBCouncil.

You will probably get better results in the end if you tell us more about what you’re aiming to achieve, and to test – as we may be able to save you some time on false starts and misconfigured tests.