How to fix "VSMX Test Page" (/vsmx/oper.vspx) in OpenLink-Virtuoso?

I am using

OpenLink Virtuoso Universal Server 
Version 07.20.3236-pthreads for Linux as of Feb 27 2023
Virtuoso Conductor version 1.00.8847/2023-02-27 21:32 (DAV)

Right after installation I can see multiple Directories at
"Web Application Server -> Virtual Domains & Directories -> " page

Scenario 1
Fresh db

I’ll click “edit” on “SOAP”, click “next” button at tabs and then press “Save changes” (without any changes at all)

“Executes as” for “SOAP” will be replaced from SOAP to *disabled*

If I’ll press edit for “SOAP” again I’ll see error:
SR014: Function get_user_id needs a string as argument 1, not an arg of type DB_NULL (204) in v:data-set "ds_add_procedures" (data bind)

Scenario 2
Fresh db

I’ll click “edit” on “SOAP” Directory,
on “Virtual Directory Information” will set “SOAP User”:“dba”,
on “Authentication” tab “Method”:“Basic”,
on “Publish Objects” tab “DB.DBA.BACKUP_MAKE” published (just for example), “Save changes”.

In this scenario
will show data: … element name="BACKUP_MAKE"
will redirect to
with the error
22023SR014: Function rfc1808_parse_uri needs a string or wide or a UNAME as argument 1, not an arg of type DB_NULL (204) in v:form "f1" (render)

Once again your post is very badly formatted and difficult to follow, please use the rich text editor to make content clearer.

What is vsmx/oper.vspx as when I test the publication of a SP ie backup_make the services.vsmx page loads the Web Services Test Page (VSMX) page with the backup_make procedure as an available service ?

What is the Virtuoso version and build date etc being used, as I tested the latest Virtuoso 08.03.3327 release ?

1 Original post has been edited to make the content clearer. Version and build date added.
2 http://<my_ip>vsmx/oper.vspx?sid=... is an URL I redirected from
http://<my_ip>/SOAP/services.vsmx page.
show data: … element name="BACKUP_MAKE"

I have been able to recreate these issues and have reported to development to look into and fix …