How to delete a large data graph

I would like to ask how to delete a graph when the server memory is small (40G) when the triplet data of the graph is 1 billion or more?

I tried to use
log_ enabel(2,1); SPARQL CLEAR GRAPH <xxxxx>;

The discovery program will crash until the log fails to delete data

Virtuoso version 07.20.3230 on Linux (x86_64-generic_glibc25-linux-gnu), Single Server Edition

(also asked and answered on github)

The comments in the git issue on how to delete large graphs are detailed and concise, thus is would be best to post questions there where you started out. The main requirement is to have enough available memory (other than that allocated for the database working set ie MaxBuffers INI file setting) for the transaction performing the delete to be able to complete without running out of memory.