How to connect virtuoso to DotNetCore projecct

I am finding it difficult connecting virtuoso to a DotNetCore project, virtuoso seems to be working fine with DotNet project. File not found exception error is thrown while trying to connect to DotNetCore project. Can anything be done to rectify this

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What is the difference between the DotNetCore and DotNet projects you refer to , are these the open source DotNet variants from Microsoft of other, please provide URL links to both so we are clear what you are referring to ?

What file is not found when attempting to connect using DotNetCore ?

Yes, they are the open-source DotNet variants from Microsoft, one is cross-platform which is ASP.NetCore while the other is not. The below link talks about the .NET framework, but when trying the connection for the .NET Core framework, it’s not connecting

What is your relationship to de1sage who has been posting at the same time about what seems to be the same thing ?