How to connect sybase isql to ODBC to JDBC driver or other similiar command line tool?

I am new to this user community and I am not sure if I picked the right topics.

I have just installed the light version of the ODBC to JDBC driver from OpenLink

Here is what I am trying to solve for. I have a Sybase database that I have been connecting to remotely via scripts that I have created using isql. Recently additional security has been setup and instead of connecting directly to the databases via a vpn connection, I have now been told that I most access the database via some web based application that only supports jdbc. I was told that I would need to get a odbc to jdbc driver and that should solve my problem, so this is what I did.

I have OpenLink ODBC to JDBC driver installed and I can go into Power BI or Excel and connect to the web server and make my sql calls and get my data with no issues, works great, the problem is that I have all these command line scripts that need to run and pull down this data via isql command line and I can’t seem to get isql to connect to this driver, not even sure it is possible and I haven’t found an alternative command line tool to replace isql that can do what I want.

Any help go guidance would be appreciated.

By ISQL are you referring to the SQL Server command-line Interactive SQL Query Tool? If so, you need that tool to speak ODBC which I don’t believe it does.

We do offer an iSQL tool as part of our iODBC offering which you might be able to use as an alternative.